Mar 012012

1998   55 minutes

URBAN CLAN is a portrait of the Page brothers – Stephen, David and Russell; how they grew up as urban Aboriginals, developed as individual artists, and came together to form the creative core of the Bangarra Dance Theatre, one of Australia’s most exciting and internationally acclaimed contemporary dance companies.

The film features extracts from the Bangarra Dance Theatre’s production of Fish, which unfolds through rehearsal and performance. It blends cinema verite scenes with beautifully crafted cinematically conceived performance sequences that are staged for the camera. Through the choreographed works we see how Bangarra Dance Theatre has developed a distinctive vocabulary that fuses the essence of their traditional heritage with contemporary experience.

Director/Writer: Michelle Mahrer
Producer: MusicArtsDance Films – Kevin Lucas, Aanya Whitehead, Paul Humfress
Cinematography: Jane Castle
Editing: Emma Hay


Financed by:
ABCTV; BBC (U.K.); FFC: RONIN (Australia); /RD Studio (France + ROW)

In dedication to Russell Page who passed away in 2002. In loving and respectful memory of an extraordinary artist who was one of Australia’s most important dancers.


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