Mar 062012

2005   13 minutes

RIVER WOMAN is an evocative dance film devised for television inspired by the rainbow serpent mythology, featuring a unique collaboration between Australian choreographer Bernadette Walong and award winning dance film-maker Michelle Mahrer.

In RIVER WOMAN Bernadette Walong personifies the spirit of the serpent who emerges from primordial nothingness birthing life. Textured images of the Australian landscape are layered with the choreography using contemporary digital composting techniques to create an evocative mythical world, visually capturing the living interconnection of land, spirit, body and myth. Walong’s organic forms interwoven with Australian landscape images captures the beauty and sensuality of the human form in movement.

Director/Writer Michelle Mahrer
Choreographer/Collaborator Bernadette Walong
Cinematography: Cordelia Beresford & Michelle Mahrer
Dancers: Bernadette Walong, Narelle Benjamin, Brett Daffy, Kristina Chan
Commissioned by ABCTV and funded by Australia Council and ABCTV

River Womanserpent_2

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