Mar 042012

1995   3 mins

In a featureless land, three dismayed characters struggle within the containment of video space. An award winning dance video created for television in collaboration with Alan Schacher and Gravity Feed Performance Group.

Director: Michelle Mahrer
Concept for television: Michelle Mahrer & Alan Schacher
Choreographed & performed by Gravity Feed: Alan Schacher, Denis Beaubois, Ari Ehrlich
Sound: Rik Rue
Produced by Moshe Rosenzweig for SBS TV

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Mar 032012

Directed by Visual artist performer Alan Schacher founder of Gravity Feed, the Bland project is a contemporary movement work performed within a video landscape. Taking divergent perspectives on blandness found in Oriental and Occidental culture, the work explores what the bland mask conceals. Beneath mild unassuming inscrutable personas the performers pit the high refinement of traditional Eastern aesthetics and culture against a western angst and dissatisfaction.

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