Mar 152012

Director / Camera / Editor

Michelle Mahrer’s passion and skill for filming dance has led her to work with leading Australian contemporary choreographers including Lucy Guerin, Gideon Obarzanek, Meryl Tankard and Stephen Page.

Lucy Guerin – Corridor
Lucy Guerin – Structure & Sadness
Lucy Guerin – Aether
Chunky Move – Two Faced Bastard
Chunky Move – Tense Dave
Chunky Move – Crumpled
Gravity Feed – Bland
Shaun Parker – This Show is About People

Other Selected works

Gravity Feed – Babel
Meryl Tankard Dance Theatre – Two Feet
Bangarra Dance Theatre – Fish
Lucy Guerin – Plasticine Park
Lucy Guerin – Ends of Things
Chunky Move – Three’s a Crowd
Dance works – Symptomatic
Australian Ballet School 40 Anniversary Gala

Mar 092012

Choreographed by Lucy Guerin, Corridor looks at our ability to live together according to the accepted laws of humanity.
 The relationship between movement and language is examined through the body as a transmitter and receiver of information.

The audience sits in a corridor formation of two long single rows facing each other, effectively becoming part of the set. Each viewer has a unique perspective of the work, with the performers seen at very close range, or at a distance as they move up and down the corridor.

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Mar 082012

The collapse of the West Gate Bridge in 1970 is an event that remains imbedded in the public psyche of Melbourne. Thirty-five men lost their lives when a span came down during its construction. Structure and Sadness explores an event in recent history not as a factual narrative, but as a physical, emotional and visual response to a devastating accident. Choreographed by Lucy Guerin.

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Mar 072012

Choreographed by Lucy Guerin, Aether is a full-length dance work, which explores the integration of projection, sound and movement. It examines the overwhelming sophistication of contemporary communication and the problems that still remain with expressing ourselves in simple human interactions.

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Mar 062012

On either side of a dividing curtain a group of performers juggle two simultaneous shows played to two opposing audiences. Each exit through the curtain becomes an entrance on the other side. As one world bleeds into another a unique performance emerges, cut loose from the rules that determine a performer’s onstage/offstage life. Created by Gideon Obarzanek and Lucy Guerin.